Thursday, April 14, 2011

Melissa Blue

I've known Melissa since my days of my store, Well...La de Da. Melissa would check in regularly to see what treasures I had found and would always buy my best. Well... when I started this show, she approached me and asked if she could be a vendor. She led me to believe, she was just looking to clear out her garage. I am here to tell you that she is NOT just clearing out her garage. Her husband, Jeff, wishes and dreams that she is clearing out the garage. Oh my gosh! I am always one step behind her at garage sales and at flea markets. She has an uncanny eye of finding the best stuff. I am in a really good position because I get to see every ones treasures while they are setting up but when I get into Melissa's booth and I am always overwhelmed with all the cool things she has found. I can't for the life of me make a decision and I think to myself I will be back later. You know the story from there. There is nothing left! So needless to say this is why I do not have many pictures of Melissa's booth because her booth was so full of people that I couldn't get in. Melissa has now expanded her booth to spill outside her booth so I may have a chance this time. Melissa is inside the Barn so run over there before I do!

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