Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pammy's Attic

I like you to meet Pammy...

with her partner in crime, Kriste...

If you haven't met Pammy or have seen her work.. boy are you in for some fun! I do not know where to start... I've known Pammy for many years. We met in church where she used to sing. I remember looking at her while she sang and thought, I love this girls style, long jacket in neutrals, jeans, straight hair and boots. Mind you this is 20 years ago but Pam still has amazing style. Her creativeness comes out in her mixed media art but more recently in her jewelry. Her partner in crime, Kriste, my workout buddy, work together to make everything that Pammy does happen. Pammy and Kriste have a online store called Pammy's Attic that you will love. Pam will be inside my booth showing off her new creations. Be sure to say hi to Pammy and Kriste.

1 comment:

  1. Is this Pammy??? So happy to see her in (almost) person. I do admire her work, she is an amazing solderer! We do chat in blog land but one of these days......we have to meet. I hope to make it to your show in October. You have wonderful vendors. Ciao Rita Mammabellarte