Monday, September 27, 2010

Retreat Style

I am on my last lineup of vendors since we are only five days from the show. I cannot believe it! I do not know if you are addicted to blogs but I know that I am. They are my new magazine. During my morning jaunt through blog land is how I met Bob and Debi Kennedy from Retreat Style. I started noticing them at some amazing shows and thought they would never come to California to do my show since they live on a small island off of Washington. I thought what do I have to loose so I invited them for my last show in April. To my delight, they said yes. Bob and Debi are one of the most creative and imaginative couples you will ever meet besides being the most delightful and kind. Retreat Style's concept is to recycle, reclaim, reimagine, redecorate and relax. So, without saying more... Here is Bob and Debi from Retreat Style!


  1. Deb and Bob have the most Beautiful things ..I met them in Escondido in July ..and what a Sweet Pair they are. They are going to add such a Beauty to your show.

    Blessings ..Sara

  2. Yes they are an amazing team! I am so happy that they are going to be part of your if I only didn't have a show to do I would fly and come enjoy your show. So many friends will be there.
    " Buona Fortuna" Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. I absolutely adored their booth in April - such an amazing addition to your show....and lovely people too! I had a great time chatting with them both at your last show. Definitely at the top of my list for this weekend!! Cant wait :D

  4. So beautiful! They are wonderful!

  5. Oh thank you all so much! We are so thrilled to be able to participate in this show again... looking forward to a wonderful weekend!