Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tancredi & Morgan

I don't think I could squeeze in one more thing...

I couldn't get a great picture but these were papers leaves hanging from bunches of twigs.

I left on Friday morning for my trek to Carmel. Driving along on 101, I was filled with peace, anticipation and in awe. I passed beautiful vineyards showing off their fall glory before they go to sleep, green grass peaking out of the ground and the beauty of the Carmel Valley. Roger and Marcia were busily pricing and putting the finishing touches on their store. I just LOVE Marcia and Roger. They just brought me under their wing and let me do my thing. There is nothing like setting up your booth. For me, it is a time of creating and making things beautiful. I left that night in anticipation of the next morning. I stayed with my girlfriend who greeted me with a fire in the fireplace, turkey potpie and Veuve Clicquot. My kind of friend! Next morning, I arrived at Tancredi and put the finishing touches on my side of the store. At 10AM, they women started pouring in. I had friends that drove up just for the day to see this special place. I love watching women gathering their treasures or sharing with them how to visualize a piece differently and watching the light bulb go off. It was a special day with special people. Please stop by at Tancredi & Morgan for your Holiday fix.

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  1. Hey Judy,
    The spot looks great, it sounded like a great trip. Thank you for the kind words on my brothers and my blog. We will hopefully have some great pieces for my mom's space come Remnants of the Past show. We are spending pretty much everyday hunting for new treasures to fill it with. Look forward to seeing you.