Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Devon set a beautiful table.

Site of Turkey Bowling...

Wrapped up so nice...

Winding up that shot...

Good thing my sister brought her second home. We sure could use the extra oven.

Finishing touches on the salad

The kidlets....

Hubby and me...

My new son-in-law....

Can't beat Santa Barbara sunsets...

Whewww! I am out of breath from eating too much and not exercising for this past week. Thanksgiving was wonderful with the newlyweds in Santa Barbara. We had our now NEW traditional turkey bowling contest, the Chicks versus the Dudes. We lost by 5 points! We would have won but The Chicks decided it was more fun to throw gutter turkeys than hit pins. The newlyweds fixed a beautiful table and dinner. I am so grateful to have such abundance!

We did have one tiny little incident happen on Turkey Day. I was to bring dessert and stuffing to contribute to our dinner. Pre-heated the oven to cook the dressing and went to gather our things together for the trip south when I walked by the kitchen and saw FLAMES coming from the oven. We need to remodel our kitchen but I did not plan on doing it quite so soon. Went shopping on Friday and I have a brand new stainless steel cafe style oven coming with all the bells and whistles. Hoping that insurance contributes to it and it will leave extra $$$ towards new marble countertops. My husband thinks we are getting formica tops but he should know me better by now. This little "incident" got me to thinking... Why is it that 60 years ago ovens were made to last a lifetime, just with a little refurbishing, and now they only last 20 years? Sounds like it was done on purpose... Any who, I am getting a new kitchen. I will show pictures of the progress in the next few months. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy getting ready for Christmas.


  1. beautiful day for hearts entwined. :o)
    from the pears on plates to turkey bowling,
    flaming ovens to second homes (we've got one of those too) to a lovely day all around. thank you for sharing a glimpse. and you're right about Santa Barbara sunsets. :o)


  2. Wowsers Judy! I guess the initial scare wore off after you realized it meant a new stove/kitchen! I can't wait to see it - knowing you, it will be smashing!
    I am thankful for you and for our friendship - enjoy the holidays - we'll see you in April!
    Much love,

  3. Hi Judy, You are adorable! Love the pics, how cute is that Turkey bowling! Sounds like a wonderful day all in all...and getting a new kitchen to boot! Good planning girl!!!! :)

  4. My friend! first of all, turkey bowling! I love it! Devon's table looked so lovely...and the "first Thanksgiving" as newlyweds...memories!!!
    Now, as to the kitchen!!! not a fun way to start the remodel...but i am so excited to see the results! love to you and yours!