Monday, January 31, 2011

Turkey and Bowling

Our family is steeped into the family traditions that we create. Well, one year when we were all together in Big Sur, my daughter, Devon, created this game called Turkey Bowling. One frozen turkey, 10 1 liter soda bottles, wine and a whole lot of giggles. Since then, whoever is in town during Thanksgiving is initiated to this tradition. This year it happened to be my sister and her husband. They had a blast! After the holidays, my sister and husband were telling me that they were working on this special present for the family. Well, the family all met this past weekend at Devon's place in Santa Barbara. The present was unveiled:

Don't you just love family, traditions and memories??

xoxoxo Judy


  1. How fun.....there is nothing like family and traditions....I want to play too.

  2. Love family traditions that make special memories.....those pins are gorgeous!!