Monday, April 25, 2011

Blue Canoe Reloaded

I've know Tim and Lisa for many years. When I was able to get them to participate in my April 2010 show, I was over the top with excitement. Both Tim and Lisa have an incredible background and eye for the unusual, re-creating it and then displaying it in a way that it screams, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I think what I love the most is their infectious enthusiasm for what they do and their commitment to each other. They are a great couple. I can hardly wait to see what they are cooking up for this Spring Show. Be ready to be WOWED!


  1. Love the boxes with zinc!!!!Super cute...might have to come get some!

  2. Its no doubt that you are over the top with excitement...These two are genious when it comes to their eye..I about fell onto my knees when I first saw them at farm chicks last year.

    A visual treat is too less a statement for what they do..The inspiration of those artists is phenominal..
    lucky lucky people who get to see them in action..
    coastal nest

  3. WOWED IS RIGHT!! Can't wait to see your stuff Tim and Lisa! See you soon! kathee

  4. I wish I could come this year. Lisa, {AND Tim!} I hope you take good care of your guy. No sickness this year so everyone can meet both of you. xoxo Lidy

  5. I love these two wonderful people. They really have the fun stuff we all want. and Tim is so very creative with old house parts...can't wait to catch up with them.

  6. Wish I'd been able to make it down to your show! Every single thing I hear about it is so so good, Judy.