Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Are they the most adorable couple?

I met Eric and Dani from Euro-Linens around seven years ago. I first came across their beautiful textural linens and great designs at the Long Beach Flea Market. I bought for my store and for myself personally. I love the simplicity and texture of their designs. They can have a very vintage look but also contemporary, also. But more than anything, I just really enjoy the friendship that my husband and I have developed over the past years since they joined Remnants. We see Eric and Dani every month when we visit Alameda Flea Market and I am always amazed at Eric's and Dani's talent and what they go through to bring their linens to the consumer. It is quite a process. Along with the ticking, linen sheets, hand towels , pillow cases and the pillows that they design and make, this husband and wife team also sell night dresses. Well, if you haven't seen someone wearing a vintage night dress, wait until you see Dani in hers? When you see how cute Dani looks in hers, you will HAVE to have one. They are the best tunics and Dani has a knack of making a night dress look lik They always has a crowd of women hanging around their booth. I know that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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