Monday, April 18, 2011

Jenny K and Melissa of Junk Girls

Jenny and...

Melissa of Junk Girls

I love for you to meet Jenny K and Melissa of Junk Girls. I've known Jenny and Melissa for nearly two years but feel that we have been friends forever. I met Jenny K through another friend that mentioned that Jenny was an artist that used vintage items and recycled them into art. This piqued my interest and I went over to the studio that was showing her art. I stopped dead in my tracks! Jenny has a knack of taking items that most people would throw away and turning them into thought provoking, textural pieces of art for your home. Jenny is now becoming known for her incredible lighting and furniture. Melissa is getting known for her "bling" and has started designing other items that will be revealed at the show. Both Melissa and Jenny have also been such a strong support for my show and a such wonderful friends to me. Their booth is right next to mine so be sure to visit and be prepared to be enthralled by what they create. Visit them at


  1. Judy I know what you mean....I met these two lovely ladies and instantly became friends! They both have a HEART OF GOLD!!! I love and adore their incredible work!! Looking forward to seeing what they bring. xokathee

  2. These two beautiful people and I became instant friends, with the love of all things old and with laughter in our hearts... they have the most fabulous art and design.It is my pleasure to know both of them.