Monday, April 11, 2011

Kate Hernandez

I would love for you to meet Kate Hernandez. Kate has been doing my show nearly two years now and I would be lost without her there. Kate always infuses the show with enthusiasm, encouragement and of course her amazing style. Her style ranges from industrial, farmhouse, romantic and whymsical. Kate has a natural ability to pick the best and display them in a way that you MUST have it. As with many of my vendors, I have been able to get to know Kate on a personal level and count her as one of my dear friends. Kate is always there to support me, help me and to pray with me. Kate is located in the Barn on the dance floor and believe me, you will not miss her booth. Her booth is the one that has everything you want have but you better hurry before I start in her booth.


  1. Amazing style!! I hope you have a wonderful show.

  2. Rev! Rev! We are revving our engines Judy! We are so excited to finally do this show and have herd nothing but great things about it. Breathe, smile, and all will fall in place.

    Trinidad, Johan and Martin