Friday, April 8, 2011

Sidney and Sandy

Sidney with one of her customers. I am sorry that I don't have a picture of Sandy but you can't miss her because she is right beside Sidney and always laughing.

I want you to meet Sidney and Sandy. Not only do they have fabulous and I mean incredibly fabulous taste but they are so much fun. I always love when they arrive. First a quick hug and off they go shopping to see what all the other dealers have brought. No matter how hard I try... I cannot keep a step ahead of them. They are always laughing and having a great time but most of all, they are the one of the most supportive friends I have. I love their positive attitudes besides their great taste. Their style is a mix of primitive, industrial and perfectly weathered treasures. You cannot miss them. They are usually the booth that is almost empty after the first hour of the show. You will love them just as much as I do.

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  1. Yoohoo!!!! I am so excited to be in the team with these two ladies. I met them at The Rosebowl Show and they were sweethearts right from the start!!

    Hello ladies!!!