Monday, July 11, 2011

Ruby Rose

I met Stephanie years ago when I owned a store downtown. She would come in regularly with her Mom and they would shop through the store. Sometimes they would leave with a treasure but more special was a time to share our mutual passion of people and junk. Time passed with shared memories of Stephanie and her Mom. Stephanie with her friend in crime, Deanna, opened Ruby Rose in March of 2003. Ruby Rose opened with fan fare with a little pink and white vintage trailer and all of the Ruby Rose touches with coffee and cookies waiting for us as we waited in line anxiously for the doors to slide open. The doors would slide open and there await a poporiu of vintage goodies from beautiful linens, naturally aged furniture, garden urns and always that special little item for yourself or home. I would always be overwhelmed at the selection and the displays. This girl knows how to merchandise! I wanted to pack everything up and cart it home right then. She would be open usually every other month but what I love about Stephanie is that family comes first so if there was a place that her, John and Ruby had to explore, off they went in their Airstream. Over time, those experiences were more frequent and with the passing of her Mom, Stephanie took a break and traveled the country with her family.

But Knowing Stephanie, it was in her blood. You know that feeling, that sense that you have to go to a flea, estate or garage sale and explore, dig and eventually you find it. Of course, Stephanie had to find the perfect place that was unusual, unique in its own special environment. She re-opened Ruby Rose in San Luis Obispo, Slo Ho, as she fondly calls it. It is in this great industrial area and there sits this darling little shop. Ruby Rose is open every Thursday through Saturday with a line of women waiting with anticipation to see what Stephanie had collected over the week.

Ruby Rose from the beginning has become the “Cheers” for women in this SLO Ho area. I love the connection that she has with the talented women she surrounds herself with and each and every woman that walks through that door. Coffee is still waiting, goodies waiting for a nibble and always a wonderful sharing conversation. The store is filled with vintage Sunday paintings, silver, clothing, linens, garden and whatever Stephanie thinks is a must for her store.

Ruby Rose is a must visit on your next time cruising through town or on your next visit to the coast. You will not forget this little shop. One of my “Favs"!


  1. Thank you for Sharing. We'll have to visit her store soon. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Hi Judy, I was fortunate to meet Stephanie at one of my shows. She loved my booth and I adored her! We of course ended of talking about you and Remnants....such a small world!!!

  3. Everytime I am up in SLO I try to be there when Stephanie is open! It is definitely a must!! :)

  4. Can't wait to come see your show, and participate in the Spring!!!

    Deb @ Garden Party