Monday, August 15, 2011

Queen of Tarte

I happened to be on one of trails you happen upon when you are in blog world. Look at this blog and "Oh!" look at that blog and that is when I stumbled upon Cindy of Queen of Tarte. Cindy was giving a monthly show at her little barn in Oregon. The photos were pure eye candy. A little bohemian, a little French and just a whole lot of fun. I was hooked. Cindy has quite the eye but what really throws me into heaven are her displays. She is quite the eye for the unusual.

One weekend while shopping at a flea market in California, I heard the twitters between the dealers that Cindy of Queen of Tarte was seen shopping there. I was on a mission. I wanted her to be a vendor at Remnants of the Past. I looked up and down the aisles and there she was. I walked up to her and introduced myself and asked if she would consider Remnants. Cindy said she would think about it. That was about a year and half ago. Then, I went up to Farm Chicks and Cindy had an amazing booth up there and again I asked and she said she was interested. I came home from the show and thought, I just have to have her come. I asked her to be my friend on Facebook and we started chatting and she said yes she would love to come. I happy to introduce you to Cindy of Queen of Tarte.


  1. Her displays are incredible, she does have the GIFT! Thank you for sharing Judy. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Uh Oh, Judy! Cindy is trouble - BEWARE! LOL I sure wish we could be joining the Tarte Familia on the voyage down to your show. She certainly won't disappoint. :o)

    The Boys

  3. I've heard alot of stories about Cindy from my friend Linda, can't wait to meet her!