Monday, August 15, 2011

Over the Ocean

I would love to introduce you to Marina of Over the Ocean. I met Marina a couple of years ago at a flea market. I instantly made her booth one of my favorite stops when I would arrive at the market. When I am around wicker and galvanized, I am worthless. All I want to do is buy everything up. I always enjoyed talking to Marina and knew I had met a kindred spirit. Marina grew up in the Netherlands and spent most of her life going to garage sales and markets with her mother searching for that unfound treasure. After her Mom passed away, her aunt and uncle who were in the brocante business, encouraged her to start exporting from Europe to California. This allowed her to work for herself and be near her sisters in California. She named her business Over the Ocean in memory of her mother sending suitcases back and forth from Europe to the United States. Marina is on her sixth container from Europe and loves every minute of it. Marina likes to use a saying that people in the Netherlands use to describe herself, prettig gestrood, which means pleasantly crazy. I know that you will enjoy Marina and her finds as much as I do. Over the Ocean's booth is outside; so be sure to stop by and I know that you will not leave without some treasure.

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