Monday, August 22, 2011

Lipstick Gypsy

I opened up my Vendor Map when I arrived at The Farm Chicks show and saw this name of a booth, Lipstick Gypsy... Who wouldn't want to check this out! I remember walking up to the booth and it was creative, funky, bright, whimsical and outrageous all at once. I walked up to Robin of Lipstick Gypsy and was immediately drawn by her fun personality, kindness and out of the box creativity. I have to have her at the show, I thought! I spoke to Robin several times over a month and finally, Robin agreed to come. I am so excited! Welcome Robin of Lipstick Gypsy!


  1. Robin is talented, sweet, and full of talent!! I have several of her products and cannot wait to get even more....

  2. Love,love,love Robin and her Gypsy Troupe!