Friday, August 19, 2011

Real by Shelley Malcom

I've known Shelley for many years. We would see each other at our children's school, school functions and at sporting events. After the kids grew up, we began to pursue our own dreams. One of Shelley's dreams was to write a book and not just any book but a book full of meaning. This book is REAL. It is a story of 65 people that are anouymous, first name only, and pictures just of their hands. Shelley uses these photos to reveal what we have in common and like fingerprints, reveals how each of us is unique. The book REAL allows you not only to forgive, what may have disappointed us, or has caused shame...instead to embrace that which does not pretend to be anything but REAL.

Shelley will be at Remnants of the Past this October to sign this amazing book.

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