Monday, September 5, 2011


I would like to introduce you to Euro-Linens. Eric and Dani started their business about nine years ago and I met them shortly after that. They would stop by the store with bins full of fabulous nightshirts, shams and pillows. When I started Remnants of the Past, they took a risk and joined me in this venture and have been a part of the show since the beginning. The customers LOVED them! Last year, Dani and Eric ventured out and opened a store called Patine in La Selva Beach, California. It is full to the brim with incredible style.

Eric is amazing on how he re-purposes these vintage linens into pillows, duvets and fabulous bags (I am the proud owner of one!)

Please welcome Eric and Dani!

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  1. Love everything about these two . . . and their Euro Linens are simply lovely!!! :) xoxo - liz