Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lux of Love

I would like to introduce you to Susan of Lux of Love. Susan and I go way back when our children were in grade school. She was new to the neighborhood, our girls were the same age and we had a common bond together. Garage Sales! We would pack up the girls, coffee and off we would go. After a while, we couldn't fit all of our finds in our garages so we opened a little shop called Well...La de Da! Our shop was a mere 150 square feet and we would literally have to empty it every morning in order to open our doors. That actually worked very well. Who could resist all these treasures lining the parking lot. We caught the attention of Romantic Homes about 14 years ago and we were off and running. Our lives changed over time and Susan moved to Colorado and opened an amazing store called Lux of Loveland. But her heart was here on the Central Coast so she and her hubbie, David, moved back but she still had a garage full of treasures. And guess what? Susan will be debuting at Remnants for the first time.

Please welcome Susan of Lux of Love!

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