Monday, September 19, 2011

Madonna Inn

One of things that my family loves to do at Christmas time, is go to Madonna Inn and look at all of the Christmas decorations and on Easter make the pilmigrage at 5:30 am with flash light in hand and hike up Madonna Mountain for Easter Service. When I knew that I had to change the location of Remnants, the Alex Madonna Expo Center located on the Madonna Inn property was perfect. It felt familiar and steeped in my family traditions. You cannot miss it as you travel north or south on 101 Freeway. The style of Madonna Inn has been described as Swiss Chalet meets Disneyland. What is fun is there are no numbers for rooms but each room has been given a name and each room is decorated differently. Madonna Inn is a hit with locals and many celebrities have visited the Inn. When you come to shop at Remnants, you have to stop into the Inn and stroll around. It is amazing and while you are there you must make a stop in their coffee shop and have their Toffee Crunch Cake. It is one of my favorites and I always want a piece for my birthday. While you are here, make a reservation to stay and truly enjoy the magic that Alex and Phyllis Madonna have created with this Inn.

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