Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Olive and Rose

I met Sandy a few years ago when she was part owner of the store The Tattered House. I invited the girls to do the show and they were a hit. Life changes and presents itself in many courses and Sandy has taken the road to open her own business, The Olive and Rose. Sandy has an incredible talent in styling and is currently styling weddings, stores and now her booth at Remnants. She loves all things vintage but more importantly, Sandy loves people. You cannot meet Sandy and just not feel the need to give her a big hug. Sandy is warm, kind and full of passion for what she loves.
I am thrilled to have Sandy of The Olive and the Rose and joining Sandy is Diane with her amazing creations!


  1. Sandy has been like a mentor to me in our business. She is always encouraging and I love to sell at her show now called Mes Amis. I am so glad that she is continuing on with her passion for vintage and styling. I am glad to have Sandy as a friend. I can't wait to see what her space will look like at Remnants! Terry

  2. Can't wait to give Sandy a GRANDE Hug! She is so talented.