Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I met Jenny and Melissa of JunkGirls through a mutual friend. Nothing prepared me for the talent that just emanates from these women. I've watched Jenny making fabulous tables and art pieces but growing to making the most incredible lighting that I have ever seen. Melissa known for her "bling" comes up with new and interesting ideas constantly that displays her talent. The JunkGirls booth is always a favorite not only for their art but for their found objects, too. Jenny and Melissa won't let me see their booth until it is unveiled on Saturday. I can hardly wait!!!

Please welcome Jenny and Melissa!


  1. LOVE~LOVE these two!! Can't wait to spend the weekend with them. Looking forward to seeing what they bling....ooops I mean Bring!! LOL!!

  2. Wonderful---- just so you know you are making it harder and harder to wait until next week =)