Monday, October 31, 2011


After putting on a Remnants show, Stephen and I love to get away just to unwind. Our favorite place to go is Big Sur so off we went on Friday. This was our little home for the weekend. We got settled in and then we walked to the River Inn where we love to sit by the river and have a drink. It was beautiful and I could just feel my whole being relax.

The next day we hiked and then stopped for a bite to eat at Nepenthes. The view is so spectacular!

Julia Pieffer Falls

One of the things about my husband that is so special is that he writes down on a calendar anything that was special in our friends and family that has happened. Every day he looks at his calendar and reads what happened that day and he will call that person and say "I just want to let you know that 5 years ago this happened...... and I am so happy for you!" Well this weekend on Stephen's calendar, he wrote proposed to Judy at Santa Margarita Lake 23 years ago. I am so happy that I said YES!

I am going to be doing something different starting next month. I am going to writing a newsletter about things happening with the show and in the creative world we live in. If you haven't signed up, please go here. I cannot wait to share all the happenings with you! xoxo Judy


  1. Oh Judy, what a beautiful place to share and unwind with! Stephen is such a thoughtful husband. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Just signed up for your newsletter also...just in case
    I miss something.
    Take care, talk to you soon...xoxokathee

  2. You both deserved that lovely break after your fabulous work at the show. We wish you and Stephen a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY . . . and many more!

    xoxo Debi * Jim

  3. What a beautiful, peaceful place! It is wonderful and I believe essential to get away once in a while to recharge and to enjoy each other's company. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog today!
    Your newest follower!

  4. There's nothing quite like a romantic wonderful man....Happy Anniversary and I'm so happy you were both able to get away, especially to Big Sur....I have another favorite place, further up the Mendocino: Stanford Inn by the'd LOVE it!!
    xoxo (in CO)