Monday, October 17, 2011

Remnants of the Past

It has taken me a whole week to recover but what a weekend it was. My anticipation of what you would think of the new venue, would people come, would they love it was dispelled when I walked out the doors to see the line of people wrapped around the building all happy with smiles on their faces. I started a new tradition this Fall Show. I wanted something special to be handed down the line not only to let people know where the end of the line was but to have something to put on to have their pictures taken in. About four years ago when my Mother passed away a dear friend brought me a crown made by a special artist. Eileen knew that I loved this crown so she brought it. It was made out of chicken wire and was rustic and elegant all at one time. Zipping forward to now, I came across a box of my Mother's things and in it were many costume jewelry pieces, ribbon, gold birds and pieces that my Mother couldn't throw away. I contacted a friend, Stephani, to see if she could capture my vision of this crown. Stephani captured it completely! I watched this crown get passed down the line and many women having their pictures taken in it. This picture in my mind is priceless. There were many tears for me this day.

The Queen of Junk Crown

The fun doesn't end. When the bell was rung, people were so excited to see what these amazing vendors had created for them. They were not disappointed. I have to tell you that I have the BEST vendors. They out did themselves in their creation of their booths, the treasures they had collected and their displays. It was definitely jaw dropping. I could feel the energy. It was so tangible. People shopped and chatted and shared their stories with each other. Then came my special guest for Saturday, Steve and Brooke Giannetti. If you haven't purchased their book, it is definitely one for your bookshelf. It is filled with everything I love.

Brooke and me.

On Sunday, we opened the doors again to a line. My special guest on Sunday was Susan Branch. The women were so excited that she was coming and the line started to form. She graciously signed books, gave hugs and had her picture taken. Isn't this one darling with Susan and these two little girls. They were so patient waiting in line with their Mothers!

I am going to take you around to some of the booths...

Blue Canoe Re-Loaded

It was an amazing weekend! I couldn't have done it without my family and their support.

I want to thank The Alex Madonna Expo Center for allowing Remnants to have its show there and I am so excited to have my future shows there. I also would like to thank Sincerely California for their sponsorship of my show. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, please go here and sign up to hear about all the plans I have for my next show in June.


  1. It was wonderful....we came from the central made for a wonderful girls get away.
    All the booths were I wish I had come earlier....I missed the crown.
    Thanks for a great event.
    Happy Day

  2. Thank you Teresa for to Remnants. It definitely is a special get away weekend. Look forward to seeing you at the June show! xoxo Judy

  3. I plan my vacation to visit family in California (from Maui) so I can attend Remnants. I always have such a wonderful time. This year, most of my family were there with me. We all went home with many treasures tucked under our arms. My husband and a friend had my sister's treasures, two French provencal chairs, up on their heads to carry them down the road. I know, you had a pick up area but someone in my group thought we needed the exercise. I wish I could post a picture because it was pretty funny sight. Anyway, being a huge fan of Susan Branch and meeting her was like the cherry atop the "Remnants of the Past" cake. Thanks Judy for putting on such a lovely show.

  4. Oh my goodness! All the way from Maui. Thank you so much for coming to the show. I wish I could have seen that you walking down that road with furniture but I certainly can visualize it! Many blessings and hope to see you next year! Judy

  5. Hi Judy~

    It was fabulous, dahling! Richie and I had a great time and thought it was absolutely beautiful. We looked for you to tell you how much we missed being there but really enjoyed the show as buyers (oh the treasures I bought!). Can't wait for the next show!


  6. Hi Judy!
    Greetings from the Pacific NW! I have heard nothing but wonderful things from everyone about your beautiful show. Thank you for visiting my blog. Doing your show is a goal of mine, hoping and praying and dreaming I can find my way down there.

    Blessings on Blessings,
    Deb @ Garden Party ;)

  7. Judy,
    It was just was a gorgeous sunny day and the event center and all of the booths were just gorgeous.....I especially loved meeting you and Pam Johnson, and of course Susan Branch......all the girls I came to see.....better than anything one can buy is the smile and hug from a wonderful friend....