Friday, May 4, 2012

Gussied Up Antiques

Gussied Up Antiques

I was introduced to Linda and Cindy of Gussied Up Antiques around four years ago by a fellow vendor. I love the variety that Linda and Cindy bring to the show from primitives, traditional and cottage decor. You not only will love the treasures that they bring but mostly what they bring to the show is their genuineness and great smiles.

Please welcome Linda and Cindy of Gussied Up Antiques!



  1. Could you explain to me how you can keep up with so many blogs? I have trouble posting twice a week on mine! Wow. God bless. just visiting and, Yes, I visited all your blogs. Each one is interesting. Take care, Linda

    1. Thank you for your comment Linda but believe me, after the show, I am pretty done for awhile. Hope you can come to the show! Judy