Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruby Rose

It has been awhile since I have blogged but I have a good excuse, at least in my mind. My baby, Remnants of the Past, is coming up here very quickly and I have had my head buried in the details. More about that in another post next week. Exciting changes coming! Since, I have been fortunate enough to fulfill a dream, to stop working full time and solely focus my creative energy on Remnants, I have been trying to find my groove between working and having some fun. One of the things I love to do and now have the time to do is visit my friends at Ruby Rose each week. I love the sharing of junkin' stories and talking about the latest found treasure. I take my time walking around the store and gaining inspiration. It is the best! Yesterday, I was in Ruby Rose and talking to Stephanie, the owner, and she mentioned that Ruby Rose now has an Etsy Store. Whoopee! Shopping in the store and now online. Get out of here! Go see more goodies at the new Ruby Rose Etsy Store. When you need more eye candy, stop by Ruby Rose, Thursday through Saturday.


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