Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Le Junque


As many of you know, I like to introduce the vendors to you before each show. I am going to start doing the introductions a little bit differently and try to find out a little more about each vendor.

First up, Kerry and Bill Colvin of Le Junque. For years, I would pursue them to be a part of Remnants and they turned me down but finally they agreed and I think I would have a hard time if I changed my mind. Love these two! Any who, my first question to Kerry was...

--What is the funniest item that you have bought at a market?
--Kerry had no problem answering this question. It was a VERY large paper mache pig head. Why? That was the only thing I could say. Kerry responded because she loves the oddities amongst the beautiful and she said that it was the very first thing she sold at her first time at Remnants.

--If there was a natural disaster, what collection would you grab and why?
--Kerry explained that it is hard to believe but she is a minimalist and is not a collector but she would grab Paco, short for Frank, her parrot and her suitcase full of early California art.

Well, I am hoping Kerry and Bill bring their suitcase of early California art to Remnants! I am sure they will find one or two antique dealers that would love to see them.

Please welcome Kerry and Bill of Le Junque!


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