Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Debbee Baxter Thibault

One morning when I woke up at my usual 4:00 AM, I opened up my laptop to check my emails and saw an email from Jen O'Connor.  I thought that can't be "THE" Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels Studios.... I clicked the  email and sure enough it was.

 Hi, Judy
Funny enough I have been meaning to write to you -- Jo was here for our event and there were copies of the current issue and I was of course thinking of you --
I have been looking into doing appearances at several more retail venues where the vintage loot from various dealers is showcased…Would you consider having Earth Angels as the Art Girls' RoadShow appear as a vendor at your event sometime…I know you are vintage and antique only, but had to ask…

Had Jen been reading my mind?  For years, I have dreamed of combining the handmade artists with the vintage.  I feel that someone that loves vintage is more likely to buy something handmade versus new.  I was so excited!  My dream was coming true!  I called Jen and we had a lovely chat and decided that Remnants of the Past would be the perfect place to host an Art Girls' RoadShow and set it up for everyone to come to sunny California on June 1st and 2nd. 

 I will be introducing each of the artists that will be gathered at Remnants and first up is Debbie Baxter Thibault.  I met Debbie for the first time about 14 years ago at my friend's, Eileen Paulin's home in Southern California.  Eileen would gather several talented artists together at her home for dinner.  It was such an inspiring evening. Debbie was no exception.  Debbie is a paper mache artist but not just any paper mache.  Debbie love of paper mache came from a love for old toys at an early age.  The older items seemed to have a soul and a story to tell. What I love is that Debbie creates each item with such love and has become the top artist in her field. Debbie has stood strong in keeping the work here in the USA and she has a very talented staff.  They all work hard at making true works of American Art.  The pieces go out to fine stores and galleries all over the nation.  Debbie and her team create all of their handmade items in Southern California and have been in business for 16 years.
What is very exciting is that Debbie has created a special collection just for Remnants of the Past Show.  Here is a peek at her gorgeous collection.

Please welcome

Debbee Thibault!



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  1. what a treat to see this post Judy, we are all excited to be coming your way SOON!!! xxoo Jen