Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Debrina Pratt


Next incredible artist is Debrina Pratt. Debrina's work has been featured in FOLK and Romantic Country and it has been seen in Where Women Create and Romantic Homes.  She captures magic in vintage bottles, concocts fairy love potions and sweet dreams serum. She shows us mermaids riding atop sea birds, fairies at tea with cupcakes, and sea sprites in party hats.  Debrina uses old photos, altering art and adding millinery flowers, tiny beaded flourishes, Swarovski crystals and wee bits of magic to tell her tales. With a fanciful dose of imagination, her bon bon-like confections beg our appreciation for a gentle and tiny world, filled with sweet sentiments. Jen of Earth Angels Studios is bringing such incredible talent to Remnants.  I am so excited!

Please welcome Debrina Pratt!



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