Monday, August 11, 2014

Back from Vacation

It seems like forever since I have blogged or been on Facebook.  Actually, it was a nice break.  Just returned from a wonderful vacation with friends.  We were invited to join friends in the San Juan Islands on their boat.  We flew into Seattle then took a sea plane from Lake Union into Roche Harbor.  I was a little nervous going on such a small plane and landing on water but it was wonderful and beautiful.

Roche Harbor, Washington

English Colony

Aye, aye mate!  😊

Sunsets were beautiful…

To say the least, we came home refreshed, relaxed, full of fresh crab and ready to hit the road!  One of the things I realized on my vacation is how much I missed having my own booth at Remnants.  Nothing beats the thrill of the hunt.  I know that it would be challenging for me to manage a booth and a show at the same time so I thought, why not open up a Etsy Store.  So I did!  I have just a few things up but I am so looking forward to hunting again.  Take a peek!



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