Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rachel Ashwell coming to Remnants of the Past

When I first was exploring and trying to define my decorating style, Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic interior design style was going strong.  I think many of us were defining our style with Rachel.  Rachel's simple, romantic, slipcovered, shabby and white decorating style appealed to many of us.  I remember seeing Rachel on Oprah Winfrey and Oprah saying "Rachel Ashwell single-handedly turned shabby into chic and it caught on like wildfire!"  I feel that Rachel Ashwell helped many of us to be excited about our homes and to define our individual interior design styles.

I met Rachel in the early 90's at the Ventura Flea Market.  Unbeknownst to Rachel, we were haggling over the same item.  I  lost, and admired her unpretentious personality…  Many years later when I first started Remnants of the Past, I invited Rachel to Remnants.  The customers loved her!  Rachel has such a down to earth appeal and Remnants shoppers loved connecting with her.   I have everyone of Rachel's books as many of you probably do. Since that appearance, we have kept in touch.  

Well...I am excited to announce that Rachel Ashwell will be my special guest at Remnants on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at the fairgrounds in Pleasanton.  She will be signing her new Book, Rachel Ashwell The World of Shabby Chic: Beautiful Homes, My Story & Vision.  More details coming in the new year. For updates, visit


More exciting news to share!  Since I started Remnants over nine years ago, I am always receiving requests from customers to bring Remnants further South. I've just have never had the time to explore this idea.  An opportunity arose and I am thrilled to announce that Remnants of the Past will be in Santa Barbara at the Earl Warren Show Grounds November 2015! Customers from Northern and Southern California can now enjoy Remnants fabulous vendors.

The Spring show will be in Pleasanton and the Fall show in Santa Barbara. I am so excited for 2015!

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Now that 2015 for Remnants is settled, I am going to slow down and enjoy this season of thankfulness, renewal, a Baby in a Manger and my family.  Take the time to enjoy your friends and family, decorate your home, fill your kitchen with the smells of Christmas and reflect on 2014 and bring in the New Year of 2015 with a renewed spirit.



  1. Oh how exciting for you and your customers. I met her at a flea market. I didn't want to take up her time so I completely made a fool out of myself. lol She was so sweet. I have admired her and her story for years. Congratulations to you. I just know it will be a huge success:) Merry Christmas.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens