Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My French Club Chair


This is the chair that released me from my "Do Not Buy Anything From the Show Bondage". Did you know that I hardly ever BUY anything at my show?  I am ashamed to admit this.  All my friends tell me that I am so lucky because Remnants has the best vendors and the coolest finds and my house must be filled to the brim with all the wonderful treasures. I get to see first hand before the customers come the best of the best.  Yes, this is true but I have to put blinders on because the show would never get off the ground if I was shopping the whole time.  Actually, I am pretty overwhelmed during the show with all the wonderful treasures spread out before me and my mind actually freezes in the shopping department.  I walk the aisles and see all this wonderful finds, check to make sure the vendor is okay and off I go. 

Well.... things are going to change.  I always tell people that if you find something, love it, touch it, you better buy it because it will be gone. 

 At my Fall show, I saw this chair in Jeni Maus's booth.  If you haven't met Jeni from Found Vintage Rentals, make the effort to see her at a show.  Her booth was spell binding and I walked past this chair twice but didn't touch it.  Then I sat down in it and bought it for my office.  I was so proud of myself! 

This brings me back to my fear of buying at Remnants.  My hubby and I are remodeling our kitchen and the demo starts this Monday.  Yikes!  As you can see, we are in dire need of a remodel.  It has been 28 years and it is time.  The fact that I have my husband on board is truly amazing.  I think he is just tired of hearing me complain how horrible our kitchen is. Stephen likes his comfort and to have our house torn apart is definitely not comfort for him.  He is so excited, he has already removed the doors of the cupboards already. So, the dilemma....  I love everything vintage but I also want functionality.  Follow my story as I infuse vintage into my kitchen.

Shopping starts for Remnants of the Past Vintage Show on Friday, April 15th, 1pm-7pm and Saturday, April 16th, 10am-4pm at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.  I can hardly wait!

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