Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Girlfriends and Champagne

I have a girlfriend that I met 23 years ago through a mutual friend on New Year's Eve. It was an instant connection. We have gone through a divorce, romances, poverty, my new marriage and the birth of my son. When Gundy moved up to Monterey about 10 years ago, I make a yearly trek up there and we have a girlfriend's weekend. I have not been up there in nearly 3 years so I was way over due.

I arrived and Gundy greeted me at the door with my favorite champage, Veuve Clicquot. This day is starting off great! We chatted until midnight. If you know me, you know that is really a stretch for me to stay up that late. Next day, coffee and a quick bite and Gundy announces that she has a surprise for me. We arrived at this store and there were darling clothes but Gundy said, "That is not the surprise." I thought what else. "We are going to have a Mystic Tan!" I thought, oh no, orange skin. I back peddled and hmmmn and hahhhed and finally said yes. Have you ever been in one of those booths? I was so nervous. What if I don't turn fast enough and I am striped on one side or worse I am completely orange from head to toe! Well, I survived. The results were not bad. From there we went shopping, the movies, and a wonderful dinner. Thank you Gundy!!!

Girlfriends 002

My favorite!

Girlfriends 009 Girlfriends 001

Gundy's kids, Ricky and Lucy.

Girlfriends 005

Look at that healthy glow!

Girlfriends 006


Girlfriends 004

Thank you for a great weekend Gundy!!!

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  1. I love it all - the photos, the cats, the champagne and good food and reading about your friendship. What would we do without our friends? Sweet post.