Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Favorite Store Ever!

My husband and I headed north this weekend to attend the Alameda Flea Market. I am participating in the CALM show in Santa Barbara on May 15th, 16th, and 17th and definintely need to pad my supply of goodies for this three day show.We woke up to a gentle rain on Sunday and I said the weather station said the rain would be over by Sunday. Oh no! We decide to go for it and head to Starbucks and pick up our energy drinks. When we arrived, it doesn't look good. There were only about 50 dealers compared to the over 800 that are usually there. By now, the rain is coming down a little harder. I have no umbrella, no hat or raincoat. Oh well…I head out anyway. I found some great stuff! We were done early and decided to go to my favorite store “Tancredi and Morgan in Carmel. The drive is beautiful. The lupin were still in bloom and gorgeous.

Tancredi and Morgan 011


















 I have been shopping at this store for around 15 years. It is my all time favorite place to shop. It is owned by Roger and Marcia Alldis. You know when you go to a store that you just feel at home and stand in awe. That is Trancredi and Morgan. Marcia and Roger have quite the talent of mixing the elegant with the rustic. Rustic Elegance is my passion. Marcia and Roger have been married for 23 years and have two beautiful twin daughters. Roger was an engineer and Marcia worked as a designer for Olga. They decided to team up and Tancredi and Morgan was born. They found this quaint shop in downtown Carmel and opened shop. After being there for a time, they moved their shop inland off of Carmel Valley Road.

Tancredi and Morgan 008

























Tancredi and Morgan 001  

Marcia comes by her talent naturally. Her mother had a passion for antiques and it was in Marcia’s blood. I asked Marcia what inspires her and her reply…”I always see this vision of me on the side of a quaint country road selling textiles, rich paisleys, linens and antiques.”


Tancredi and Morgan 005

 Now Marcia owns this wonderful store with old pine floors and aged walls. It is filled with amazing array of textiles from rich paisleys, to fine linen and heavy nettle cloth. I walk around the store just running my fingers along the fabrics. I'm in heaven...

Marcia designs beautiful pillows, duvets,tablecloths, and lavender filled sachets. She is also very talented in recovering and slipcovering beautiful chairs and settees.I could spend hours there just taking in all the textures, scents, antiques and hand made treasures. If you ever get a chance to stop by this store tell Marcia and Roger I sent you. You will love them just as I do! Tancredi and Morgan is located at 7174 Carmel Valley Rd. in Carmel, CA. Their phone number is 831.625.4477


  1. I love this store Judy! I will definitely visit them the next time I am down in Ca.

  2. This store sounds and looks like a great reason to take a drive north. So happy to hear you will be at CALM Santa Barbara. I hope to drop by and say "Hello" as I did not get the opportunity to meet you at your wonderful event.

  3. Oh my gosh Judy, it is so funny that you mentioned that you love rustic and elegant. That was one of the name options I was going to go with when launching my company 3 years ago, Rustic Elegance Interiors. I like a little punch of modern in there as well though and wanted to choose a name that had deep meaning to me so what better choice than my little girls middle names:) Wish I would there and could go treasure hunting with you! Looks like you have some great spots...

  4. My first visit to this shop was about 10 years ago and I was in bliss heaven!!! :o)

  5. What a convergence of events. We were in SLO last week looking for you @ Old Edna's. We had enjoyed a visit at your place 5 or 6 yrs ago. We were also in SB. Now are back at home in No. CA. We love Alameda. The weather can be tricky. Would love to have been able to attend your upcoming show. LT

  6. Hopefully you got some good deals because of all the rain. Love the shop...beautiful!!!

  7. I love Tancredi and Morgan! I can't wait for my next trip to Carmel to visit there. Thanks for the great post, it makes me even more determined to get over there.

  8. I remember reading about them in Victoria several years ago!
    Too bad that I'm in TN and they are in CA ~ I'd love to visit!

  9. I read about this store years ago and have saved the tear sheets from it forever. I look for a website from them every now and then so I was s happy to hear they were still in business! I have never been but it is on the list. Thanks for sharing.