Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Findz

Right after Farm Chicks Show, I was talking to one of my vendors and friend, Kymberley of 3 Fine Grains, and I asked her if there was one particular dealer that she enjoyed. Kymberley with a resounding YES said Dawn and Jeff Oscar of Great Findz. I filed that little bit of information away until another friend Sidney had just returned from the Portland Expo and she brought up the same couple. Okay, I thought, I better check into this couple. When I spoke to Dawn, I loved her personality and enthusiasm. She sent me some pictures of her style and I thought, WOW. So.... I am happy to introduce you to Dawn and Jeff Oscar all the way from the beautiful state of Washington.

Evidently, Dawn since she was a small girl has been obsessed with creating and decorating. When she went to college, she met her husband and together they have turned a passion into a thriving business. They love creating a whole look with pillows, accessories and furniture. They love French and European style, farmhouse simplicity, industrial elements, seaside and natural curiosities all mixed up in their own individual style. This is exactly what I love about giving this show! It is to see all the gifted talents of individuals all under one roof. I am so excited!


  1. You will love their style!! They're a wonderful addition to your beautiful show!!! Can't wait to see what they have in store :)!

  2. Dawn is a very talented woman and just as charming! She'll be a GREAT addition to your show. I did a blog post on a small event she had on Lake Washington recently . . . check it out!


  3. Great style mix indeed. Thanks for sharing.