Friday, September 7, 2012

Remnants of the Past

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I cannot believe that Summer is nearly over! I will miss Summer so much but dearly love the coming days of Fall. One of the things I love about Fall, is all the planning to have family together, bringing in the special touches to make my house warm and cozy and last, planning for the Fall show of Remnants. We have so many exciting changes and things planned for you! My theme for Fall, we will be marrying the thrill of the hunt and the celebration of reaping plentifully for the Hunt & Gather Harvest 2012 Remnants of the Past Vintage Show.


Very exciting is that we are offering something NEW at Remnants. The festivities will begin on Friday Night, October 19th, with an early bird preview and shopping experience from 5pm to 8pm. The entrance fee is $25 and includes advanced shopping, your chance to benefit from our Secret Shopper Special Surprise (more on that in a second), plus admission to the show on Saturday, October 20th. On Saturday, the gate opens at 9am with extended shopping hours until 6pm and admission is just $10 (unless you have your wristband from Friday, and then it's FREE).


Okay, now the info on the Secret Shopper Special Surprise... The Secret Shopper Special Surprise is worth $1500! I am so looking forward to sharing all our wonderful vendor’s wares with you. The best part of the treasure hunting experience is the thrill of the hunt—imagine stepping into a Remnants vendor booth and uncovering a one-of-a-kind treasure, asking how much and hearing the answer, “Free!”

That’s right! As the Friday festivities begin, I will browse all of the booths and preselect a collection of items totaling $1,500. If one of these items is selected by you, it will be purchased by Remnants and given to you, our guest, as a gift! Secret Shopper will only happen on Friday evening, so don’t miss it! You may purchase in advance your tickets here.

Remnants is also having our contest, "Win a Trip to Remnants of the Past". This exciting contest includes a Free 2 night stay, $100 Novo Gift Card (one of my favorite restaurants), $75 gas card and two tickets to the show. You can enter for the contest here.


I am excited to announce that our charity this show is the United Way Imagination Library. To read more about this program, please click here.

I will be blogging about each of the vendors real soon and stayed tuned for each introduction. Purchase your prepaid tickets for Friday and Saturday if you wish or at the gate or you can visit these locations.

San Luis Obispo

Ruby Rose

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce

Paso Robles

The Cottage



Arroyo Grande

The Green Vase

Sorenson Farm Antiques

I am so excited for Remnants of the Past Hunt & Gather Harvest Show this October. These amazing vendors will share all of what they have gathered just for you to make your home "warm and cozy" for the holidays.



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  1. I just signed up for your giveaway! I would love to come to your wonderful show, I have heard so much about it and my friends Gloria and Ted will be selling there so that makes it even better!