Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brothers of Industry

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I've known Kate, Mom, for many years and love her style, her personality and her kindness and when she joined forces with her two sons, Peter and Andrew, to create Brothers of Industry, I knew they would hit the ball out of the park. You mix Kate's design style with the creativity of Peter and Andrew and WOW... On to the answers to my questions.

--What is the funniest antique item that you have purchased from an antique show or flea market? and why?

About the funniest piece that came home from a flea market hunt...

let me share a story about a piece I found with a great friend of mine, and managed, between the two of us, to drag home (literally) from Texas. I had just managed to find a quirky and "instructive" set of medical posters that lit up when you touched certain areas...(remember the childhood game? ) so that you could learn all about the central nervous system, or circulatory system...and as I went to meet my friend, she took me by a life size BULL head & chest, Texas longhorns and all. Well, of course, we both thought...Texas, bet, lets bring it on home! Now, if you know anything about RoundTop Texas, you know how BIG those fields are, and how faaaarrr you have to walk to get anywhere near your car, never mind getting a big ol' Bull up and in for its ride home. Now imagine two women, well, "woman handling" the bull all the way down the field, then down the road, and back to her RV...needless to say, I am sure there were a few photos taken by the passersby that day.

--If you had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, what collection of yours would you grab first and why?

Now, on to your second question...

As you might know, we have had a few "opportunities" to practice the preparations of "in the event of fire or flood, what would you take?" It was a real life lesson for us. I learned to hold on Lightly to any "thing"...and the collections I treasure, become transitory, to be enjoyed for a season, and then be replaced by something fresh. Yes, family photos and favourite artwork still grace our walls, and I would happily gather them up if I had time...but even these, I move about with the seasons, as if to tell myself, really look at them, and remember...remember our old home, the boys" childhood, our parents when they were younger...remember where we found that painting, and what spoke to us about it...remember that summer, or that Christmas, that year in school...remember, REMEMBER.

--If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

I realize in answering all these questions I am telling my story, more than the family story (and I am equally sure the guys would prefer that). I also know that the Brothers story is still very much a work in progress (as are all of us)

That being said, I have considered Sense & Sensibility, Pilgrim's Progress, and An Unexpected Journey...and the last is the best.

Thanks Judy, for this opportunity to ponder.

Please welcome Kate, Peter and Andrew of Brothers of Industry!



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  1. thanks my friend from all of us over at the Brothers. We are even now busy, busy, preparing for the show. Can Not Wait!