Monday, September 10, 2012

Jennifer Sleeper Antiques

Remnants of the Past Show April 25, 2009 098

I love Jennifer and her cute husband, David. If I need a good belly laugh, Jennifer is right there. The way she views life and her quick comments make the world all right besides all the incredible antiques she brings. So, I posed my first question to Jenny.

--What is the funniest antique item that you have bought at an antique show or flea market?

--A big concrete angel and when she opened the shipping crate, no wings. Jenny's comment, "A wing and a prayer" and she is wonderful how she guards my house wingless.

--Next question, if you were to write a book describing your life, what would the title be and why?

--"Whirl, Twirl, Flip and Flop"! Jenny describes her life in the business of antiques.

--Last question, What would be the first antique collection you would grab in case of a natural disaster?

--That's easy Jennifer says, "It would be my 275 Majolica butter pats that I have collected since 1st grade."

Be sure to stop by Jennifer's booth and watch her whirl, twirl, flip and flop! :)


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