Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Cuz Creations


I just met Cindy and Kristy of Just Cuz Creations and knew that they would be so much fun at Remnants and the perfect fit for the show.  Cindy and Andrea are cousins and have a passion for making ordinary items become extraordinary treasures.  A little about the ladies.

--  What is the funniest antique item that you have purchased from an antique show or flea market? and why?

The funniest thing to date that we bought at a barn sale were two toilet tanks that were made from wood and lined with tin.  It's only funny when you say it  or think it because it sounds so strange to be excited about buying two old toilet tanks without the toilet...We thought they would make great planters or vessels for floral arrangements.  The good news is we've been saving them for this show so someone is going to have the opportunity to swoop them up.

--  If you had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, what collection of yours would you grab first and why?

In the year we've been in business, we've had the chance to stumble across four really exciting objects that we can't bring ourselves to sell.  Today we found the fourth object which is an old fan.  The other three objects include a wagon, a typewriter, and a bicycle.  Once all functional objects, these items are chipped and rusty and dented and have there own histories to share.  LOVE them and couldn't let them slip away.. they are one of a kind.  Firsts so to speak.

--  If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

We wish we could come up with a title that would sound fun and flirty but in the end we choose "The Joy of Junking".  Only another junk addict can identify with the excitement that fills your chest and makes your heart pound on your excursions to the junk yard or dump or  digging through some one's old box or bin...The happiness that washes over you when one of your precious finds is appreciated by another and they feel the same excitement for your found object and want to have it for themselves and the plain and simple joy found in the most inelegant, ordinary and often discarded items that are many times transformed into the extraordinary by just imagining them in a different use.  We wish everyone got to feel this excited when they wake up in the morning or at 3 AM and wonder whats coming next.

A warm welcome for Cindy and Andrea!



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