Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UrbanFarm Naturals


I hate to admit this, but I kinda stalked Tamila of UrbanFarm Naturals through the blog world. I just loved the organic look of her product and then just loved the farm, the kiddies, hubbie and how they all worked together as a family. So, I reached out and asked Tamila to be a part of Remnants for this past June Show and she was a hit! Tamila will be back for this Fall and here are her answers to my questions.

--What is the funniest antique item that you have purchased from an antique show or flea market? and why?

About 9 years ago I bought this really cool old retro toaster. It would burn the toast almost every single time we used it because the "toast going up" mode didn't work automatically, you had to unplug it to get it to rise. Jeff wanted a new toaster, but I always said, "no, we have one & it's cool!" In the mornings I would often look outside and see our dog Charlie eating burnt toast because Jeff would always forget to unplug it. About 6 months ago Jeff kept getting distracted with the kids and burnt the toast three separate times! Later that morning I looked out our back yard and saw not only the burnt toast pieces, but the toaster as well. That was the end of my "Cool Vintage Toaster"!

-- If you had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, what collection of yours would you grab first and why?

I like to travel light! My little tiny ceramic chicken sitting on my kitchen window sill would be all that I would grab (besides the kids!) My great grandmother made it & it is my favorite collectible.

--If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

"Welcome to the funny farm!" Because our life on our little farm is pretty funny at times & besides that we like to laugh (mostly at each other!)

I just LOVE Tamila and you will, too. Please welcome Tamila!



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