Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hoot n' anny home


I heard about Jennifer of hoot n' anny home through the proverbial grapevine.  Jennifer totally got me when she said that she had a soft spot for furniture in distress.  I love that she seeks out the odd, beautiful, weird and wonderful in everything that she sees.  Here is a little insight into Jennifer.

1.  What is the funniest antique item that you have purchased from an antique show or a flea market? and why?

My funniest purchase was what I thought were 3 vintage Halloween masks. This was an online purchase with a small photo and little information. When I went to pick up my 3 little masks, I nearly fell over. The masks were huge! I’m talking parade worthy. Needless to say I didn’t take the truck that day, so one mask traveled with home with me that day. Down the freeway we went while his huge eye was peering out the passenger side window, causing quite a scare to my fellow drivers!
2.  If you had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, what collection of yours would you grab first and why?

First, I’d grab my collection of rocks, sticks, shells branches, flowers….which is ironic since I could replenish all those items as soon as I stepped outside. But the ones I possess hold memories of where they where found and chances are I chose them because they were unusual.

3.  If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
My book would be called “something’s calling.” It would be an autobiography based on how I figured out my calling. Describing all the steps I took and how somehow everything came together when I woke up one morning with a thought that evolved into a life’s passion that I can’t live without.
My second book would be a psychology-based reference book on the industry. Why I shop like I do, why people buy like they do. What triggers a spontaneous vintage  purchase? What causes a collection to evolve? Etc.
My third would be a personal design book.
Oh sorry you asked for one!!

Please welcome Jennifer!



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  1. Furniture in distress, then Jennifer saves it - I love it! This lady has plot in her life.