Friday, January 11, 2013

Remnants and a New Year

2013-01-10 07.36.27

My favorite time of year is Christmas.  I love decorating the house and making our home a special place for family and friends to visit.  I want them to feel the magic of the Season and enjoy the wonder of this time and hopefully walk away sensing and feeling wonder.  After the last vintage ornament is packed carefully away and the house is back in order, it always feels like a fresh slate for me to start the New Year.  That time between Christmas and New Years always makes me feel like a horse straining at the gate to start the race.  My head is brimming with dreams, goals and ideas to start the New Year and I can hardly wait until the clock strikes midnight on December 31st to take off running.

I live in dream place on the Central Coast of California and it is a perfect place to start my planning for the New Year and wait until you hear all the exciting things that will be happening for the June 2013 Remnants of the Past Show.

Not only am I a lover of all things antique and vintage but I also have a strong passion for handmade items.  I feel that if you love vintage you are also most likely to love something handmade over something new.  And for me, if it is made in America, that is the best!  I am so excited to announce that our special guest for the June 2013 Show will be Jen O'Conner of Earth Angels Studio, Ben Ashby of FOLK Magazine and Jo Packham of Where Women Create introducing her new magazine Where Women Create Business. 

 The June Show is going to be so packed with talent that I can hardly wait.  Check back weekly on my blog as I introduce you to my amazing vendors but also to this amazing talent that will be visiting Remnants.

See you soon!




  1. Beautiful picture-totally can relate that is how i feel as well and I have to say-daily-Cant wait for the morning-to design-decorate-create..
    Hoping to make it to your show next time.

    1. Good Morning Karryann! Hope to see you in Junew! xo Judy